Sue Haywood is an east coast mountain bike icon.  Her mountain bike career was baptized in the mud bogs and slippery rocks of Canaan Valley, West Virginia.  She raced professionally for  many years at both the national and international level.  She is a multiple time national champion and Pan American champ and excelled at both long endurance and short sprints.  She still races on occasions, loving the exciting Enduro events.  She is the 2019 Masters Enduro National Champion.  She loves  teaching mountain bike skills, especially to women and kids through day and weekend camps and private lessons. She is the creator of  the Canaan MTB Festival and president of Blackwater Bicycle Association and the maker of HaySue’s Spicy Salsa.  She is a combination of laid-back and tough.  She believes the essence of mountain biking is being outside, moving our bodies, loving nature and riding with friends.